About DPER

DpeR Consulting is deeply committed to two core areas of interest: the maritime arena and innovation. Drawing from a rich background of twenty-five years in the Israeli navy, we have learned that in order to maintain relevant within any industry, it is imperative to engage deeper and different thinking, or as we like to call it – DeepeRent.

At DpeR Consulting, we strive to push the boundaries, explore innovative solutions outside the box and deliver exceptional results. Our focus lies in helping you unlock your next opportunity within the maritime industry as a whole, and especially in the defense sector. With a proven track record of leading resourceful and hi-technology projects, our expertise lies in driving business development, identifying client’s operational needs, exploring emerging markets and navigating multi-interface environments. Our extensive experience spans diverse organizations and cultures, making us an invaluable asset in any endeavor. With a focus on innovation and cross-organizational collaboration, we bring strategic vision and a wealth of knowledge to every project we undertake.

About Dov Raz

Dov Raz, the founder and CEO of DpeR consulting, has a remarkable career centered around policy and strategy establishment. Throughout his tenure as the Head of Platform Development Branch in the Israeli Navy, Dov excelled in spearheading the formulation of policies and strategies, successfully overseeing the development and procurement of various types of surface vessels. Dov’s visionary approach and ability to adapt to changing circumstances made him a key player in international projects and global procurement negotiations, resulting in the successful implementation of multimillion-dollar contracts.

With a strong foundation in strategic planning, Dov’s career highlights also include his role as the Head of Operations & Strategic Planning Branch in the Israeli Navy involved leading operational planning officers and initiating significant organizational re-structuring.

Dov’s accomplishments extend beyond his military service, as he has been recognized for his exceptional writing and analytical skills, earning him awards such as the Chief of Staff Award for Military Writing and the Chief of the Navy Prize for Creative Thinking. With a proven track record of success in driving innovation and fostering cross-organizational collaboration, Dov is poised to make a substantial impact in any professional endeavor he undertakes.



Navigating Excellence: Operational Consulting

leveraging more than 25 years of practical experience and extensive theoretical research, DpeR possesses a profound comprehension of the maritime arena and its various warfare scenarios. Our unparalleled insights and expertise enable us to assist you in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the future directions of maritime warfare. We will guide you in adapting your solutions to effectively address the challenges and requirements of the present and future maritime landscape. With our guidance, you can navigate the complexities of the maritime arena and position your offerings as cutting-edge and future-proof, ensuring your success in this dynamic domain.


Meeting Demands: Identifying Needs and Building Solutions

Designing and implementing end-to-end solutions for maritime defense challenges is our specialty. We excel in every aspect of the process, starting from the conceptualization phase, seamlessly integrating diverse solutions, and efficiently managing suppliers. Tailoring such a project to meet specific requirements can be daunting for anyone involved. However, our extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of various solutions empower us to provide valuable assistance. Whether you are a supplier or a client, we are well-equipped to guide you in selecting the right and cost-effective solution. Our expertise ensures that your maritime defense project is executed with precision, delivering optimal results and unmatched value.


Insights Unveiled: Market and Client Research

DpeR's assistance will enhance your understanding of the operational needs, tactical realities, and strategic environment of your potential clients. Our team of experts will deliver a comprehensive report outlining the opportunities that lie ahead and the most effective approach to tailor your products for the specific target market.


Gateway to Success: Representation in the Israeli Market

With our extensive knowledge of the Israeli maritime market as a whole, and our specialized expertise in defense, your product will have the greatest opportunity to enter and establish a strong presence in the local market. DpeR will assist in gaining a deeper understanding of the operational needs, requirements, and limitations, enabling us to develop a practical and effective market penetration strategy.


Unveiling the Path: Business Development and Building Strategies

Navigating the turbulent waters of the global maritime defense market can be challenging and overwhelming. At DpeR, we specialize in providing a clear and comprehensive understanding of global trends in this industry. Our expertise will empower you to develop a strategic roadmap for the future growth of your business. From market analysis to strategy formulation, we will be by your side, offering guidance and support throughout the entire marketing process. Together, we will work tirelessly until your goals are successfully achieved, ensuring your business thrives in the competitive maritime defense market.