military innovation


I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share my thoughts and expertise on military innovation as a part of a distinguished group of scholars. Specifically, we contributed a chapter to the recently published book by the Defense College for Innovation, Intrapreneurship, and Transformation.

In our chapter, Lt. Col. Phd. David Alkaher and I, aimed to provide an operational model for evaluating the potential emergence of innovation within a military organization. Our model, which is accompanied by a diagram, proposes ten distinct innovation generators. These generators are categorized into two approaches to innovation: top-down and bottom-up. Furthermore, they are further classified into four disciplines: leadership proficiencies, force buildup processes, human resource cultivation, and organizational culture.

The model serves as a framework for objectively analyzing the effectiveness of these ten innovation generators within the organization. By assessing their effectiveness, we can determine the likelihood of innovation occurring. Drawing upon these insights, organizational leaders can then establish mechanisms that stimulate these innovation generators, fostering a culture of directed and planned innovation within their organization.

Link to the article (available in Hebrew):