Attending NAVDEX & IDEX 2023, one of the most prominent exhibitions in the defense industry, was an incredible opportunity for me..

Stepping into the exhibition hall for the first time, I felt an immediate surge of excitement. The air was filled with anticipation as companies from around the world showcased their cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. It was a chance to witness firsthand the advancements in the maritime defense industry.

Throughout my brief visit, I had the privilege of meeting with both Israeli and international companies, laying the foundation for building a robust network within the maritime defense sector. Engaging in discussions with industry experts, I gained valuable insights into the latest trends and emerging technologies. Reconnecting with old friends and forging new connections further enriched my experience.

Participating in NAVDEX & IDEX 2023 allowed me to witness the potential and exciting opportunities that lie ahead for DpeR consulting. The exposure to a diverse range of technologies and collaborations during the exhibition provided valuable inspiration. It reaffirmed my belief that DpeR is on the right path to becoming a trusted consulting company in the maritime defense industry.