connecting the dots,
creating a network

connecting the dots, creating
a network

DpeR Consulting is deeply committed to two core areas of interest:
the maritime sector and the pursuit of novel prospects. Drawing from a
rich background of twenty-five years as a naval officer in the Israeli navy,
I have learned that in order to maintain relevant within any industry,

it is imperative to engage in deeper and different thinking,
or as we like to call it – DeepeRent.

what we do


Navigating Excellence:
Operational Consulting

leveraging more than 25 years of practical experience and extensive theoretical research, DpeR possesses a profound comprehension of the maritime arena and its various warfare scenarios.

Our unparalleled insights and expertise enable us to assist you in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the future directions of maritime warfare. We will guide you in adapting your solutions to effectively address the challenges and requirements of the present and future maritime landscape. With our guidance, you can navigate the complexities of the maritime arena and position your offerings as cutting-edge and future-proof, ensuring your success in this dynamic domain.



Gateway to Success: Representation in the Israeli Market

With our extensive knowledge of the Israeli maritime market as a whole, and our specialized expertise in defense, your product will have the greatest opportunity to enter and establish a strong presence in the local market.

DpeR will assist in gaining a deeper understanding of the operational needs, requirements, and limitations, enabling us to develop a practical and effective market penetration strategy.



Insights Unveiled: Market and Client Research

DpeR's assistance will enhance your understanding of the operational needs, tactical realities, and strategic environment of your potential clients.

Our team of experts will deliver a comprehensive report outlining the opportunities that lie ahead and the most effective approach to tailor your products for the specific target market.

Latest Posts

Unveiling Ukraine’s Newest USV

CNN have published new information about Ukraine newest USV. We looked into it, and got some interesting conclusions.

what clients say about us

“Dov communicates his insight into the capabilities of the Israeli Navy precisely as well as shares his extensive knowledge of relevant defence companies in Israel, their products and how they can best support SH Defence. I recommend Dov without hesitation to any company considering entering the defence field in Israel.”
Peter Liisberg
Head of Marketing
“Mr. Raz has recently consulted UNIQAI Systems, a startup company developing AI-Based solutions for risk analysis, planning and decision support. Our company is entering the Naval & Maritime domain, and Mr. Raz's unique (and DeepeRent...) approach has tremendously assisted us in understanding the operational and tactical challenges, stakeholders and key players, as well as go-to-market and product development related issues. I am certain that on our quest to master the Naval & Maritime domain, Mr. Raz will continue to provide v consultations and provide extensive value.”
Nadav Poplawski
Co-Founder & CEO
״DpeR Consulting demonstrated exceptional expertise in their approach to market research and delved deep into the market landscape, showcased an impressive understanding of industry trends, customer preferences, and competitive dynamics. What truly set DpeR Consulting apart was their ability to extract meaningful insights from the gathered data. They presented the findings in a clear and concise manner, making complex information easily understandable. Throughout the engagement, DpeR Consulting demonstrated professionalism, timeliness, and a commitment to delivering exceptional results. It was a pleasure working with them.״
Mickey Simon
Director of Naval Air Defence Programs